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About Vela Canada

Established in 1985, Vela Canada is a not-for-profit based in British Columbia, Canada. Vela Canada assists people with disabilities in taking greater control of their lives by exploring ideas that can lead to customized, inclusive and creative supports primarily through developing a Microboard or accessing Individualized Funding. There are now over 1,100 Microboards in BC alone, providing individuals with a self-directed lifestyle.

Vela Canada, known internationally as the experts on the development of Microboards, was the first organization in the world to offer this focused service. They have been gaining traction and have been asked to help international family groups, organizations and governments throughout Canada, Australia, the United States, Northern Ireland, Scotland, England, Norway and the Republic of Ireland.

Our vision is for communities where people with disabilities are empowered to take greater control of their lives through self-directed living.

Vela empowers people with disabilities and their support networks on their journey to lead enriched, self-directed lives. We achieve this through innovative, passionate, and person-centered philosophy.

Our purpose is to support, encourage, and mentor those interested in individualized options.

We develop and provide supports needed to:

  • Envision a good life.

  • Create and implement person-centered plans and services.

  • Connect with others.

  • Educate and inform

  • Facilitate problem-solving.

We participate provincially, nationally, and internationally on broader issues that affect those we assist. We work together with others to enhance the lives of people with disabilities

We believe: 

  • That meaningful relationships are the most important component of a person’s life.
  • That all people have the capacity for self-determination.
  • That all planning and decisions made with or for a person must be based on their strengths, wishes, needs, and interests.
  • That all people have gifts to share with those around them and their wider community.

There are over 5,500 people in BC that:

  • Sit on a Microboard.
  • Are committed volunteers.
  • Provide unpaid planning, monitoring, and social support.
  • Ensure the individual they care about has a richer, fuller life in their community.

Microboard members and Individualized Funding Agents are volunteers and play an important roll. They:

  • Create valued reciprocal relationships for people that may have otherwise been isolated.
  • Give back by being active contributing members of their communities.
  • Support individuals with Microboards or Individualized Funding to do the same.
  • Reduce cost pressures for government funded services.
  • Bring economic benefits to communities by employing local support staff.
  • Utilize local services and businesses.

Vela's Constitution

Vela's Constitution describes what Vela Canada does.

Vela's Bylaws

Vela's Bylaws describe how Vela Canada conducts its business as a society.