first steps for hiring

First Steps for Hiring

Hiring an employee involves several steps. Typically this involves setting up a bank account, obtaining a business number, registering with WorkSafeBC, developing your interview process and employment documents, payroll, and getting to know employment standards. 

Below you will find some helpful factsheets complemented with a short instructional video.

Step 1: Bank Accounts

It is best practice to obtain a dedicated bank account in order to receive and administer any government funds.

Step 2: Business Number

A business number is a nine-digit number assigned to a business, incorporated company or society by Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).

Step 3: WorkSafeBC

If you hire workers in British Columbia and are eligible for WorkSafeBC coverage, you are required to register for coverage.

Step 4: Interviews

Having an interview process in place helps you find suitable candidates, and protects you as an employer. This involves writing a job description, posting your ad, pre-screening candidates, conducting interviews, checking references, and making a hire.

Step 5: Employment Documents

Having proper documentation in place is important to protect both you as the employer, and your staff as employees. Having clear documents leaves less room for interpretation and sets out the guidelines and expectations for the job and working environment.

Step 6: Payroll

As an employer, you will need to set up a Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) Business and Payroll Program Account.

Step 7: Employment Standards

BC law sets standards for payment, compensation, and working conditions in most workplaces. The standards promote open communication, fair treatment and work-life balance for employees. It is important that you familiarize yourself with these standards and follow them when you are hiring and employing your staff.