Support In Hospitals

Thank you to everyone who worked rigorously to see a change in hospital policy allowing essential supports for people with disabilities in hospitals. BC Minister Adrian Dix has announced the change in the COVID-19 Essential Visitors Policy that will allow family members, or essential support person(s) to accompany people with disabilities in hospitals and health care settings.
If you you need to enter the hospital and want to be fully prepared, we recommend bringing the following:
  1. A pdf copy of the recently updated COVID-19 Essential Visitors Policy (113 KB)
  2. A copy of BC Minister Adrian Dix's speech
  3. pdf Open Letter from Agencies (268 KB) addressing the essential support person(s) for patients with disabilities.
  4. A pdf copy of the letter for families (65 KB) to bring to hospital - essential support person. 
  5. A copy of Dr. Bonnie Henry's words.
  6. A copy of your Representation Agreement (which lays out who can speak for the individual during specific situations).
  7. pdf The Government of Canada's website update (92 KB) on COVID-19 and people with disabilties in Canada.
  8. A copy of your local Health Authority’s essential visitor policy. We’ve included a link to each region’s Health Authority site below: