Solution Circles' Recruitment and Retention

Two of the biggest challenges that we all find when managing supports and services is finding staff (recruitment) 
Solution Circles Smalland keeping staff (retention). In response to this, Vela is offering a two-part Solution Circle event to encourage fast paced discussion, and share ideas and solutions.
We encourage you to register for both events to allow a successful and productive discussion. 
Part 1: Recruitment of Staff
When: Wednesday, February 24, 2021
Time: 7:00pm
Cost: FREE
Registration: Please click here to register.
(registration closes by 12pm day of event) 
Part 2: Retention of Staff
When: Wednesday, March 10, 2021
Time: 7:00pm
Cost: FREE
Registration: Please click here to register.
(registration closes by 12pm day of event)
As noted, these sessions are fast paced, and all ideas are welcome. It gives us the
opportunity to brainstorm on ideas used, heard of, or thought of that might work. Vela will record and organize these ideas.
To keep focused and fast paced we will complete the first session in 1 hour and 15 minutes.
For the second session we will allow a short review of the recruitment outcomes and then proceed into the process for the retention component. The second session will be 1 hour and 30 minutes.
We have pdf included a reminder PowerPoint (504 KB) to refresh the information about the process of completing a Solution Circle Session.
We look forward to working together to come up with some exciting ideas and solutions!
How Solution Circles Work:
(This event layout is based on the amazing work of Jack Pearpoint and Marsha Forest)
Step One:
(6 minutes) The facilitator will have 6 uninterrupted minutes to outline the problem. Everyone else (the brainstormers) listens. If the facilitator stops talking before the six minutes is over, everyone else stays silent until the 6 minutes pass. This is key! The facilitator gets 6 uninterrupted minutes.
Step Two:
(12 minutes) This is a brainstorm. Everyone chimes in with ideas about creative solutions to what they just heard. It is not a time to clarify the problem or to ask questions. It is not a time to give speeches, lectures or advice. The facilitator must make sure this is a brainstorm. Everyone gets a chance to state their brilliant ideas. No one must be allowed to dominate. Everyone listens – without interrupting.
Step Three:
(15 minutes) The group will have a dialogue led by the facilitator. This is time to explore and clarify the problem. Focus on the positive points only and not what can’t be done.
Step Four:
(10 minutes) The First Step. The group will decide on first steps that are doable within the next three days. At least ONE step should be initiated within 24 hours. This is critical. Research shows that unless a first step is taken almost immediately, people do not get out of their ruts. Everyone that has shared their email will get a report back on the first step.
Step Five:
(10 minutes) What will be the longer-term steps? Should we/when should we reconnect for updates on this process and moving things forward?