individualized funding

Individualized Funding Resources

Below you’ll find a roster of helpful videos, factsheets and documents. These documents have been created for people who have receieved Individualized Funding or are interested in learning more about Individualized Funding.

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Intro to Individualized Funding

Looking to access Individualized Funding? We’ve put together a few items to help explain what Individualized Funding is, how to access it, and use it.  

First Steps for Hiring

Hiring an employee involves several steps. Typically this involves setting up a bank account, obtaining a business number, registering with WorkSafeBC, developing your interview process and employment documents, payroll, and getting to know employment standards. Click the link below to access helpful factsheets and instructional videos.

Dos & Don'ts of Interviews

Having an interview process in place helps you find suitable candidates, and protects you as an employer. This involves writing a job description, posting your ad, pre-screening candidates, conducting interviews, checking references, and making a hire.

Criminal Record Checks

In British Columbia, vulnerable sector criminal record checks (CRC) must be completed via the Criminal Records Review Program for anyone working with and/or left alone with children or vulnerable adults, including respite caregivers and volunteers (governed by the Criminal Record Review Act).

Employee vs. Contractor

You are allowed to hire staff as either an employee or a contractor.  It is your responsibility to figure out if your new hire would be classified as an employee or as a contractor in the eyes of different governing bodies.