My Self Advocacy Adventure in Australia

BreeSelfAdvocateNetArticlePhotoOur own Bree Robertson is in the news again!  Bree's story about her trip to Australia is now online on the Self Advocate Net website.  Check out Bree's story and interesting articles by others at the Self Advocate Net website.  This is a great website created by self-advocates with DiversAbilities for self-advocates and their supporters worldwide.

Ready for the Future

Bree Anna and DrewA few years ago Terry Robertson, our Vela Facilitator in the north, presented her family’s Microboard story at an Aging Conference in Prince George. Afterwards, she was asked to write a story for a book CLBC was developing on Aging.

Terry wrote her family’s story, how they have tried to guarantee some longevity and consistency into the future for her children Bree-Anna and Drew. Terry and her husband, Gord, knew both of their kids would need support when they were no longer here. The article in the CLBC newsletter is a part of that story - Ready for the Future: How one family found peace of mind, through early, careful planning.

Conversations that Matter - New Videos Available

Conversations That Matter SmallCheck out new video content on Conversations That Matter.  Membership to the video library is only $20/year!!

  • Safe Support: Non-Coercive Alternatives to Restraint - Ruth Siegfried And Kim Love
  • What is ABA? - Amythest Schaber
Norman Kunc and Emma Van der Klift are working on the following videos that can also be used as training tools for your staff:
  • Mentoring: A Vital Aspect of Training Direct Support Workers - Sheldon Schwitek
  • What are Some Good Therapies for Autistic Individuals? - Amythest Schaber - Ask an Autistic

CLBC Wage / Benefit Increase Totaling 3.5% (1% + 2.5%)

Have you applied for the 1% plus 2.5% wage/benefit increase from Community Living BC?  If you have not received the forms below contact your CLBC Analyst. It is easy to apply for the increase following the steps on the pdf Notification Form (259 KB) and spreadsheet Confirmation Form Excel Format (94 KB)   or pdf Confirmation Form PDF Format (79 KB) you received from CLBC.  

  • Complete the contact information
  • Sign the form
  • State when you will start the increase (back-date or start now)
  • State how it will be used (i.e. applied to wages and benefits)
  • Provide a financial statement

 Call your Vela Facilitator if you have any questions about the increase.

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