Ideas to Stay Connected & Entertained During COVID19

It’s very important to stay connected right now. We are social beings and understand that being isolated can be very challenging. We also recognize that our daily routines have changed and we are unable to enjoy our favourite activities outside the home. We've put together a list of ideas to help people with disabilities stay connected and entertained. It's time to get creative!
Stay Socially Connected
Go Digital
  • Phone calls & text messaging
  • Group chats (Whatsapp, Facebook Chats)
  • Video chats (Whatsapp, Facetime, Google Hangouts, Zoom
We encourage you to set up times to connect with familiar faces such as friends, families, or staff. Have a weekly Microboard meeting via Google chats, or an individual pizza party via Facetime. 
Organizations Helping People Stay Socially Connected
FSI is doing regional zoom meetings to help people stay connected. View their schedule here
Ideas for Daily Activities 
Staying Physically Active
  • Family Support Institute (FSI) trivia night, Saturdays at 7pm
  • Many companies are offering online board games where you can play with others online
  • Online Hide-n-Seek: It takes two people on each end of the video call. On one side a person hides then their partner follows the direction of the two people on the other side to try and find them. Then they switch
Activities (Virtual)
 Activities (Off-line)
  • Sew masks/surgical caps/headbands for healthcare workers
  • Start an indoor or container garden
  • Try a new hobby/craft
  • Home improvements (ex. painting a room)
  • Make a time capsule/memory book of your Covid-19 experience
  • Go through old photos and sort/put them in albums
  • Baking/cooking
Organizations Creating Fun Activities