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I think we can all agree when we say 2020 has been a tough, extremely isolating, and exhausting year. Is it 2021 yet? Soon! Is that a good thing, who knows?! One thing we do know is that we, Vela Canada, have seen families, parents, siblings, caregivers, staff, community advocates and individuals ban together to provide resources, support and care during a very challenging year for all of us. Thank you to everyone who has supported us this year.
Reflecting on the past nine months (yup, it’s been NINE months) your support to Vela Canada has enabled us to grow as an organization and in return we have learned new ways to support you. We have seen how strong our organization can become when we have a support system like you keeping us going. We have also learned how important our annual membership is; keeping you, our members, our families, our system of support, connected.
We hope you have found value in your membership this year, we sure have, and hope that you will renew your membership, or if you are not member, will consider signing up.
Thank you for everything. We are in this together and appreciate your continuous support.
Your Vela Family