Microboards = Choices

Cyd mom resized
Cydney is 36 years old and was born with Athetoid Cerebral Palsy. “There are many varying degrees of Cerebral Palsy which affects people in different ways, and most of the time people don’t know what the diagnosis entails” says Cydney’s mother, Nellie.
Cydney is non-verbal, in a wheelchair, has epilepsy and is dependant on others for her personal care, communication and daily needs. Cydney and her family started her Microboard in 1998 and it became fully operational when Cydney moved into her own home in Burnaby 14 years ago. “With the help of Cydney’s Microboard, consisting of family and friends who oversee her day to day living needs, Cydney will continue to live in her own home,” comments Nellie.
As many Microboards experience, it can be a long journey finding the right caregivers to support an individual. Fortunately, Cydney has hired good, caring individuals which have become part of her life. But there are always caregivers who move on and Cydney has grown accustom to them leaving and quickly gets use to new ones. “We are very lucky that she is so easy going and has a happy disposition,” says Nellie. Cydney’s best friend since pre-school also has a Microboard.
“We are so pleased with the support and guidance that Cydney’s Board has given her throughout the years,” says Nellie. A Microboard assists Cydney with her needs and enables her to have the freedom to make her own choices for her life.