Featured Donor: Christina Thomas

We have started to interview our longtime donors to gain a better understanding of why they donate to Vela Canada in hopes of encouraging others to donate. Our latest interview is with Christina Thomas, mother of a son who has a Microboard. 
Why do you donate to Vela Canada?
 Christina Thomas cropped
I believe in supporting something of value. Our society uses money to show how much we value something, so by donating to Vela I am supporting what I value. Most non-profits rely heavily on donations, and I believe that by making sure a service continues we need to donate money or volunteer, and donating can be easier than volunteering.
The general public often donates to large groups, like Cancer Awareness, but it’s more important to me to fund the smaller, less known, societies. Vela’s services, such as the development of Microboards, make an important impact on many people in our community. Microboards support the diversity of a community and bring value to people’s lives by providing an opportunity for contribution and inclusion. It’s had such a huge impact on my family, I want to support its need for longevity.
How long have you been donating to Vela Canada? 
For over 10 years, since my son created his Microboard. 
Are you involved with Vela Canada outside of being a donor? 
Yes. Currently I am on Vela Canada's Board of Directors. For the past 10 years, my family has volunteered with Vela as much as they can. Both my daughter and husband have been on Vela's Board of Directors. 
Any words to encourage prospective donors? 
I would encourage anyone who sees the value of an inclusive society to consider supporting Vela Canada, as they are one of the most successful non-profits creating inclusion.