Societies Act Transition Information

Clipboard with Checkmark IconThe new Societies Act that is now in force in BC requires that all societies, formed before November 28, 2016, transition their constitution and bylaws so that they comply with the new Act. This must be completed by November 28, 2018.

It is important that you review the new bylaws that we have created for your Microboard. Those of you who attended our information sessions in 2016, know there are significant changes in the Act and this affects your bylaws. A full understanding of your bylaws is key to how you function as a society.

 Welcome to Societies OnlineWe have created an easy to follow guide, with screenshots from the Societies Online website, to help you complete the Transition process. Follow our guide carefully so you don’t miss any steps in the process to:

  • reduce your constitution;
  • complete your bylaws; and
  • upload a copy of each document to the Societies Online website.

 Please be sure you don’t omit the step that requires you to complete section 2.6 ‘Member not in good standing’ of your bylaws. You will need to consult with your board members and enter your decision before you upload your bylaws.

If you have not received a copy of your new Microboard Bylaws and Transition information contact your Vela Facilitator, who will send you an email with the links. If you don’t have your Facilitator’s contact information, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your request, including:

  • your name;
  • phone number;
  • address; and
  • Microboard’s name.