Vela Membership

Support Vela by Renewing your Membership or Becoming a Member

Every year we send out a reminder to our members asking them to renew their membership. This year we are asking members to renew their membership, but also asking past members and future supporters to consider signing up for a membership or provide a donation.
Being a Vela member is a simple way to support Vela Canada’s mandate in creating a more inclusive society by providing people with disabilities systems that encourage independent living and self-direct lifestyles.
A Vela membership is only $30 a year. 

Why Become a Vela Member?

  • Vote at Vela’s Annual General Meeting, helping guide Vela and our services.
  • Contribute to Vela’s capability to hold free regional events and workshops.
  • Help Vela promote Microboards Nationally and Internationally, expanding self-directed supports across the globe.
  • Be acknowledged as a member and/or donor on our website and annual report.

Why Support the Development of Microboards?

We know how important Microboards are for helping create a wonderful quality of life for someone with a disability, but instead of us telling you, we thought it would be better to hear it first-hand from people who have a Microboard: 

Thank You

Thank you to everyone who continues to be involved with Vela Canada; our members, supporters, families, and loved ones with disabilities. Your continued commitment to Vela Canada helps guide our organization and encourages new ways in which we can support you.
Thank you for your continued support,