We only get one life – make sure it’s a good one!

My name is Laura Swindlehurst. Many years ago, my ex-husband and I wanted to take greater control of our lives and decisions made for us/about us. We decided to create a Microboard with the help of Linda Perry from Vela. We wanted to be able to live on our own and be as independent as possible.

A disabled woman sitting in a chair with her small dog sitting on her lap

We created a Microboard consisting of family, friends, and us. The role of the Microboard was to hire staff to support us in what we needed to accomplish during the day, such as appointments, grocery shopping, banking, exercising, etc. We combined our Individualized Funding to hire our support staff. The staff were people we knew, and we selected. When my ex-husband and I split up our funding was divided so that each of us could get the supports that we needed.

For over 20 years I wanted to work with children. With the support of my Microboard I completed my education and I got my first job working part time as a preschool assistant at Sandstone Developmental Preschool in Mission, BC.

My advice to anyone thinking about creating a Microboard is to find people who you know, and who know you well. Let your Microboard know what you want to happen in your life, so they can help you plan. Make sure that the people on your Microboard really listen to you, and you feel listened to.

A disabled woman standing beside her female support worker