Donor Helps Amplify Vela Canada

Every week Amplify Consulting Inc “amplifies remarkable people” and with this acknowledgment, the consulting agency will provide a donation to the chosen individual’s charity of choice.

Out of all the charities, Vela Canada was fortunate to be Dr. Greg Thomas’ charity of choice.

“The charity I chose is called Vela Canada. Vela has been around since 1985 and is a not-for-profit based in Langley. Vela assists people with disabilities in creating a self-directed life by finding creative ways to support them, often by forming a Microboard for the individual (a unique means by which a small board of directors is created on behalf of the individual, and usually comprised of friends and family members, to access individualized funding and much needed and specific support).”

It is a small organization (<10 people), making a massive impact in the lives and families of those with disabilities. It’s all about people empowering people to do and be more. I would encourage everyone to check out Vela Canada and reach out to them if you need their assistance.” – Dr. Greg Thomas

We would like to thank Dr. Greg Thomas for his kind words and choosing Vela Canada as his charity of choice. It is the support and contributions like these that help our small organization continue to make big impacts.

AmpliFriday - Dr. Greg Thomas