COVID-19 Update:Info for Microboards & IF Users

COVID-19 Update: Info for Microboards & Individualized Funding Users

As of Friday, March 11, 2022, BC is lifting some of it’s COVID-19 restrictions. The indoor mask policy is being repealed along with eased restrictions on long-term care visitors, faith gatherings and overnight camps for children and youth. Yesterday’s announcement also sets a pathway to lift additional COVID-19 restrictions, including the BC Vaccine Card requiring proof of vaccination, on April 8, 2022. 

What does this mean for Microboards and Individualized Funding recipients?

Mask Policy & Safety Plan

WorkSafeBC Safety plans need to remain in place until April 8, 2022. Mask requirements for the workplace will be up to each employer based on their individualized safety plans. Some employers may choose to continue requiring masks in their workplaces – particularly in scenarios where other protective measures, such as physical distancing, aren’t possible.
After April 8th, employers will be able to transition back to their communicable disease plans.

Vaccine Mandate

The PHO Order that requires staff paid through CLBC funds to be fully vaccinated will remain in place for now, but it is being reviewed.
If the mandate lifts, employers in our sector – supporting a vulnerable population – will likely be within their rights to choose whether or not to continue requiring vaccination as a condition of employment for new staff. Employers should consider seeking legal advice prior to implementing vaccination policies if the Order has been lifted.

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