Give the Gift of Independence

Give the gift of independence

Give the Gift of Independence

Give the gift of independence this holiday season and help people with disabilities access services that enable them to live a self-directed and independent life.

Your Gift Will:

Help Vela deliver educational webinars.

Help a new family explore self-directed supports and independent living options.

Help families build a stronger connection with Vela within each community.

About Vela:

Over the past 32 years, Vela has assisted with setting up over 1300 Microboards in British Columbia. Known as the experts on the development of Microboards, Vela has helped organizations and governments learn about and offer Microboards throughout the globe. 

Your donation is greatly appreciated and helps Vela to continue to work closely with families, self-advocates, communities, and governments to build, educate and offer access to independent living options for people with disabilities.  

A Successful Microboard:

This video is about Aaron Paynter and his live-in support staff, Lyndsay.  Lyndsay has known Aaron for almost 20 years and because of Aaron’s Microboard, Aaron and his family are able to hire their own staff, like Lyndsay. This enables Aaron to live each day as he chooses with a familiar and supportive team.

Provide Your Support:

Donate this holiday season and give the gift of independence.